5 Things to Do Before Joining a DSM or MLM Company

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With the increased opportunities to join MLM and DSM companies, coupled with the ease of opening pages on Facebook, Instagram and other social media to advertise, many Stay-at-home moms are catching the vision to “start their own businesses”.

Most ladies start with dreams of making a little extra cash to do things like: Pay off credit card debts, ease the burden on their husbands who works hard to provide for the family, pay for their kids dance and karate classes, and even be able to help others in need without putting undue stress on family finances.

Nothing feels better than having the personal satisfaction of knowing you have followed your dreams and created a successful business you love, but before you jump in head first, there are some important tips you should consider.

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1. Get your husbands support

If you have a healthy marriage and want to maintain it, the first and most important step is to talk with your husband about it. Share your dreams and ideas to make sure you will have his full support and blessing in the same way you’d like him to consider you if he was making a big decision. Always give mutual respect. And remember, it may be a “work from home – make your own hours” job, but the reality is once you get started it will change your family dynamics. It will take up your time and energy. So you have to ask yourself if you’re ready and able to make some sacrifices at this stage of your family’s life. If not, it’s okay to put it off until the time is right.

2. Understand the reality of it

Make sure you know what you are getting yourself into. It is too easy to get caught up in a company that has lots of “glitter and gold”, and promises of free trips, cars and millions of bucks, but in reality, their representatives or affiliates may be putting in a lot of time and energy and sometimes just barely breaking even. It may take years to build a business to the level of success the company boasts about, so you have to be realistic, and be ready to put in the time. Also, you may not want to be a “recruiter and have your own team” and that is okay. Know what you want your goals to be before you get in, so you don’t cave into marketing pressures.

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3. Research the company

Read reviews on the company to make sure they live up to the standards you represent. Make sure they treat both their customers and their representatives well. Do they support their representatives? Does the company offer good customer service? Read customer reviews and reviews by current and former representatives to find out how the company treats them.

4. Make sure you can afford it

Are you able to afford the costs to partner with this company? For Example, Avon representatives can sign up for three different prices. Depending on which level they pay for, they get a “start up kit”. But what you’re not told very clearly is that there are continual, on-going costs along the way. The “tools” to keep your business going… like brochures, shipping fees, products samples, labels/printing fees and the gas, mileage and wear on your car. Avon does offer a personalized online websites for each representative, and you can send your customers the link to shop from your online store and view the brochures online. This may help cut costs, but many loyal Avon customers prefer the actual book in hand copy.

Another example, Lula Roe is a very popular legging and clothing company. However, to start a LulaRoe business the cost is about $5,000, plus the company encourages its consultants to have about $20,000 worth of merchandise to sell at their “Pop-up Sales”. Although the company consultants have had much success, with so many recent LulaRoe consultants being added, it has made sales go down for other older consultants because of the increase in competition. Therefore, the risk involved in becoming a LulaRoe consultant is pretty high considering you are investing such a large amount of money. If you can’t afford this, look for alternatives.

On the other hand, a similar, and competitive company, Legging Army, only charges $25, or $39.99 (with one pair of leggings), or $49.99 (with 2 pair of leggings) to sign up. For this, you get a free website, and there are no quotas to meet, and no pressure to sell. You run your business your way while earning 25% commission on all your sales, and are paid weekly via PayPal. In addition, you get 25% personal discount. There is no pressure to recruit anyone. But, if someone does sign up under you, they become part of your “family tree” and you earn 25% of their sign up fee, plus 5% of any of their futures sales. However, the buck stops there. If they sign up someone under them, they get the credit for that person, but you don’t. It is only one generation down. This way it does not add pressure for you or your sub-affiliates to continue to add recruits unless they want to.

5. Make sure you’re passionate about it

Passion is of most importance! You must find something you are excited about. If you love cooking, you may want to choose a company like The Pampered Chef where you can put your chef talents to work. If you love safety, you can look into a company like, Damsels in Defense, that sells non-lethal, self-defense products for women. If you just love burning those candles or the scents of essential oils, there are many companies to choose from…Like Scentsy & Gold Canyon, or Doterra & Young Living. If you are into the organic lifestyle, you can look into Melaleuca.

There are companies that sell strictly online and you are an “affiliate” that earns a commission from any sales. There are companies where you become a representative or a consultant and sell face to face like Avon. There are companies that sell via home parties or boutiques. You have many options and opportunities, so you have to choose which company fits you best.

To sum it up, it is possible to earn income as a DSM or MLM representative if you know what you want and what you’re getting yourself into. You may not have the money to have a brick and mortar storefront, but it doesn’t mean that you can’t build your dream.

5 Things to Do Before Joining a DSM or MLM Company - The Mom Life Guide

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Sandra Manriquez, Contributor

Sandra Manriquez, Contributor

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