10 Smart and Easy Ways to Organize Your Kitchen

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There never seems to be enough space in the kitchen, regardless of the size.

It could be due to the family growing, having guest over more often, treating yourself to everything you deserve, or it’s simply just isn’t enough space.

It may cost your monthly grocery budget to get some of the things you need, so you often go without them.

In this post, you will find 10 things you can use to organize some of the most complicated parts of your kitchen!

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1. Use a spice gripper

No more spending minutes digging through your cabinet or drawer until you find the right spices for your dish. Spice grippers make it easy to stay organized and save space.

2. Use a corner shelf

It’s always a challenge when the plate you need is underneath a pile of smaller plates, bowls, and probably cups. A corner shelf can make it easy to organize dishes inside your cabinets or on your counter.

3. Use dry food storage containers

Dry food storage containers are perfect for maximizing storage space; especially if you buy in bulk. Use them to store and organize all your dry goods. 

4. Use a sink organizer

Keep your cleaning tools in one place without worrying about water getting on the counter, or building up in a bowl. A sink organizer will allow any excess water to drain and keep your washing tools in one place.

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5. Use a pan and pot lid organizer

Create more space in your cabinets and on your counter by using a pan and pot lid organizer. No more loud bangs when pulling a lid or pan from a pile of others. 

6. Use a wrap rack

Organize all of your wrapping tools in a wrap rack. If you use sandwich bags, aluminum foil, plastic wrap, etc. on a daily basis, you can save cabinet and counter space by organizing them on your wall.

7.Use a broom and mop holder

Brooms and mops can take up more floor space than we realize. Use a broom and mop organizer to save space and make them easily accessible when it’s time to clean. 

8. Use a mug holder

Organize your mugs using a mug holder. This will give you more space on your counter and in your cabinet.

9. Use a can organizer

Create more space by storing your soft drinks or canned goods in a can organizer. This will also free up counter space and give you more room in your cabinet. 

10. Use an under rack basket

If you have space after putting dry goods in your cabinet, use an under rack basket to store additional items.

There you have 10 smart and easy ways to organize your kitchen!

10 Smart and Easy Ways to Organize Your Kitchen - The Mom Life Guide

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Zakiyah Kelly

Zakiyah Kelly

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